Valuing your employees

Employees are your most valuable asset. They help you run your business, interact with your customers and ultimately generate revenue. Good employees will help you achieve your business goals and deliver quality products and services to your customers

Your employees are your human capital. Their skills, knowledge, experience and qualities can be viewed in terms of their value or cost to the business. There are four types of human capital: implicit and tacit knowledge, capabilities and skills, health, and attitudes.

Good employees are defined by the skills and abilities they possess and by the level of engagement they deliver within your business. They should be committed, motivated and effective team players. 

Your employees will be more efficient and effective at their jobs if you invest in them by providing training and skill development.

Good management and sound leadership will help your employees achieve business objectives and draw the best out of them. Analysing your core processes and creating accurate job descriptions will help you find the right employee for the job.

Recognise the skills your employees bring to your business. To run your business successfully, identify any skills that your business needs but are lacking in your employees and train your employees to develop their existing skills further or introduce new ones.  

Creating a strong team will help you share the workload and provide resilience during challenging times. 

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