Prepare for the crisis

Our SME Guidance will help you to learn how to:

Put your business on stable ground and orient it towards resisting crises and thriving in uncertain times. Identify the key areas that keep your business functioning, develop plans for crises and manage them.

Digitalise your business so that your staff can run the business remotely and your customers can buy from you online. Identify the risks and benefits, and the legal and support requirements when taking your business online

Develop a financial plan, implement regular monitoring and keep records to better understand your business’s finances. Identify opportunities to improve your cash flow.

Establish an early warning system and monitor your business to identify when it may be at risk

Survive the crisis

If your business is being affected by the coronavirus, take immediate steps to increase your chances of survival.

Our SME Guidance will help you to learn how to:

Mount an initial response to the crisis and communicate effectively with key stakeholders. Identify the key business factors affected by the crisis and adapt to the new conditions. Negotiate with suppliers to keep your supply chain going and work with your customers to understand their needs

Quickly adapt your business strategy and operations to respond to the new situation

Manage your cash flow and debt in times of crisis. Identify immediate steps to take to secure emergency funding and improve cash flow. 

Respond correctly if your business is in financial difficulty and you need to restructure to survive, or even exit the business