EBRD's Legal Transition Team

The Legal Transition Team (LTT) is part of the Office of the General Counsel and is comprised of a group of lawyers, each with a specific area of legal expertise. The LTT oversees implementing the Legal Transition Programme (LTP), which is the EBRD’s initiative to contribute to the improvement of the investment climate in the economies where we invest by helping to create an investor-friendly, transparent and predictable legal environment. 

Under the LTP, EBRD lawyers identify legal and regulatory impediments to investments in economies where the EBRD invests and help to design and implement the reforms needed to remove these obstacles. Within the LTT, the development of the site was led by Senior Counsel Catherine Bridge Zoller. 

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EBRD's Corporate Governance 

Part of the EBRD’s Economics, Policy and Governance Department, the Governance and Political Affairs team (GPA) leads the Bank’s work on strengthening economic governance – the rules and institutions that are critical for the effective functioning of both the public and private sector – across the countries in which we invest. This involves supporting governments to develop and implement transparent, predictable and business-friendly policies and initiatives that enable the private sector to grow and investment to thrive. GPA also supports the establishment and operation of institutions – ranging from Investment Councils and Business Ombudsmen to Investment Promotion Agencies and Chambers of Commerce – that provide assistance to and instil confidence in entrepreneurs and investors to do business.  

Within the GPA, the development of the site was led by Associate Director Hester Coutanche.

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EBRD's SME Finance and Development 

The SME Finance and Development (SME F&D) team oversees the implementation of the EBRD’s Small Business Initiative (SBI), a strategic initiative integrating the tools that the EBRD offers to support SMEs. SBI provides loans and investments through financial institutions and risk-sharing facilities, and we also finance small businesses directly.

The SBI also provides SMEs with advice on how to innovate and grow, and we work with policymakers to create an environment where SMEs can succeed. Within SME F&D, the development of the site was led by Principal Simone Zeh Atanasovski.

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EBRD's Resident Offices, Advice for Small Businesses and Investors Council

Building the targeted advice for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine could not have been possible without the full support provided by EBRD Resident Offices in Tbilisi, Chișinău and Kyiv, and the local teams of the Advice for Small Businesses group. In Georgia we were further supported by the Investors Council Secretariat and in Moldova by the Secretariat of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister.

Their invaluable support allowed smooth consultations and cooperation with local authorities and business organizations, and to obtaining a deep understanding of the needs of SMEs in each country in particular.

EBRD's Language Services

The Language Services Unit (LSU), part of the Office of the Secretary General (OSG), provides essential translation, revision, interpretation and verbatim services, and language-related advice in support of institutional, operational, and outreach activities of the EBRD. The languages covered are English, French, German and Russian (EBRD official languages), as well as languages of EBRD shareholder nations. 

Within the LSU, development of the Russian version of the site was led by Yuri Bobrov, Associate Director, Head Language Services, and Natalia Binert, Senior Officer, Russian Language, supported by a team of external providers.